And The Albums

Who here remembers a time when a trip to grandma’s house meant getting out the family photo albums? No matter how many times you saw them, nothing beat the joy of looking through those pictures. Most had a story to go alongside them. The chances are that you heard that story so often you could swear you were there when it happened.

In modern homes, though, those albums are sadly lacking from the understairs cupboard. Instead, we keep our ‘albums’ on Facebook and show people our photographs through a screen. Even wedding photographers now often send a disc instead of an album. That’s just how it is in the modern world. And, in fairness, it ensures you can’t damage or lose your photographs. By sticking them on Facebook, they’re safe from floods, fires, and any other such disaster.

But, there is something sad about this lack of physical albums. On-screen photographs just don’t have the same impact. Their stories don’t become our stories, as though we’re viewing them through a lens of remove. If that gets you down as much as it does us, it might be time to make some photo albums of your own. If you aren’t convinced, here are a few reasons why it’s a step worth taking.


For memory’s sake

Most of us love photography because of its ability to capture a memory. Often, those moments become larger than themselves. As mentioned above, you sometimes come to remember the photo more than you do the event. But, that’s the joy of the form. Few other things have such an ability to transform and remind. And, you just don’t get that from a photograph on a screen. On top of which, physical albums quite literally remind you to look through them. By comparison, online photo albums are out of sight and out of mind.

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For the love of art

Anyone with an appreciation for the beauty of art would enjoy a few physical albums. Viewing photographs on a screen is akin to reading words on an e-reader. It’s nowhere near the same. It’s like seeing an imitation of a piece of art, through a screen. Not quite the same! Instead, the physical item is sure to be much more beautiful. The work of wedding photographers like Vittore Buzzi deserves to make more of itself than just a page on a screen. Even amateur photography deserves more fanfare than that. It deserves to be held, seen, and appreciated.

For creation

And, let’s not forget that photo albums are creations of their own. Sure, you can buy ready-made versions in the shops. But, you can also craft something entirely new for the cause. You could create a scrapbook style which compliments your pictures, or keep things traditional. Either way, approaching an album with creation in mind ensures it means that bit more to you. As well as showing people the photographs you took, you can show them this thing you made. And, sharing creation is always a good thing.


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