Autumn Denim

Creative direction Mitchell Webb, photography Jamie Adams, in collaboration with ASOS

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Every season I struggle against my better judgement to update my wardrobe, although it’s something am joyous in doing, my wallet doesn’t seem to share my enthusiasm (so, we’re taking a break). Until now, I would battle against my inner shopaholic with my main line of protest as “but this jacket is so in trend right now”! Constantly experiencing FOMO* if I didn’t have the new style of everything and at least 20 items of clothing that were ‘on trend’, delivered me to the realisation that it was time to make a change.

Arguably, denim is possibly the most prominent and distinguished piece of fashion in history. Gender-neutral and universally worshipped, denim was probably just here when the dinosaurs arrived on earth. Be it jeans, dungarees, jackets, shirts, skirts, you name it, it’s out there somewhere in denim (probably upon Shaking Stevens too). It’s the wardrobe staple that we all have, overlook, but depend on desperately; without our go-to jeans what kind of mindless chaos would the world ensue!? With the right touch, denim can truly transform your wardrobe and, although it’s often dubbed a ‘wardrobe basic’, it’s anything but.

(*’Fear of missing out’, for those of you living under a rock)

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With Autumn approaching at about the same speed as I approach food establishments (fast.) it’s the ideal juncture to try donning some different denim and be braver with our styles. Take a #throwback to 1873 and you just might witness the birth of popular denim by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss, anything that has lasted that long in the fashion industry (remember shrugs? Me neither) deserves our attention. They’re often considered a fail-safe for style, if you don’t feel confident in those new trousers with that top just throw on your jeans and you’re back to comfort, but with the help of ASOS, I’m campaigning to change this discriminative viewpoint one outfit-change at a time.

The majority of men remained stubbornly loyal to their straight cut indigo jeans until the early 2000’s, at which point we all simultaneously migrated that loyalty to skinny indigo jeans. I think it’s time that we mix it up a little, plus as a self-confessed convenience-aholic I ventured into imaging how easy it would be staying stylish this Autumn with just denim. In this collaboration with ASOS I thought I’d show you how I’ve emotionlessly cut all ties with my skinny jeans and have basked in the effortlessness of double denim, denim co-ordinates and new style denim, and you can do the same too.

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