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Photography – &BLANC TEAM, Creative Direction and Styling – MITCHELL WEBB

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Dotty Shirt – Libertine Libertine, Harrington Jacket – Libertine Libertine, Blue Shirt – Wood Wood, Utility Jacket – Wood Wood, Motif Shirt – Mark Gonzalez X Études, Jumper – Wood Wood, Socks – Happy Socks

You remember Mark? Tall, great physique, effortless style… you know the guy who ALWAYS looked ‘put together’ in a kinda lazy yet super cool way. Yeah, HIM. Well we’re reminiscing over that guy because I recently teamed up with the fantastic menswear boutique, &Blanc Fashion, which sent me kicking and screaming back into the obsessive state of wanting to be (all together now…) effortlessly stylish! My two objectives in life are a) religiously drinking lemon water (I literally keep count, did you know it has like a gazillion benefits) and b) being able to leave the house looking like Mark. Everyday I achieve at least one, never both, usually the former (okay, always the former).

In this part of the story, I quite bluntly asked &Blanc for the permission to run freely through their store scooping up as much as possible. The thing that excited me the most, was that I could see Mark shopping there! (Not literally of course, he’s hypothetical, incase you missed that). So I figured, if I couldn’t programme my DNA to cooperate, then I could at least throw clothes on the problem! For the day spent at &Blanc styling outfits and trying on the amazing pieces, I felt like ‘that guy’ (at least a half-ish version anyway) and successfully managed objective b), for which, I will be eternally satisfied.

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&Blanc are a relatively new boutique in Nottingham, one that I know I will keep returning to. Every time I’ve browsed their website I’m always drawn to them for the same reason, the guy who shops there is my ‘Mark’, the effortlessly stylish guy I aspire to be! So thank you, &Blanc, for giving me the illusion that I AM ‘that guy’ (just let me pretend, ok?).

&Blanc boutique are also the definition of convenience, something else I am drawn to like a moth to a flame. They ‘promote fresh and exciting independent brands, whilst providing a unique retail experience through their distinctive combination of fashion, hair styling and coffee (because who doesn’t love good coffee? No one, that’s who). They have Evoke Hair Design salon who they teamed up with to provide stylish hair ‘do’s’ and that great coffee. Both of which have been very satisfactorily provided, might I add. You have to admit, they have the most beautiful curation of wardrobe staples and basics, filling in all the blanks so you don’t even have to think about it.

As always, you can shop the items in this post by clicking the thumbnails below. You can find &Blanc’s website here, also their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages. Make sure, if nothing else, you check out the olive green jacket by Libertine Libertine, it will help you transition seamlessly and stylishly through Spring and Summer. You can get 15% off your entire order using code ‘WEBB’ at the checkout, you’re welcome. Also keep up to date with me on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat (mitchwebb25), theres going to be an exciting giveaway very soon so stay tuned!


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