Choosing To Have An Adventure

Having a thirst for adventure often means being a little bit of a dreamer. Many of the best ideas are hashed out in the middle of the night, when the stars are out, and you can breathe a little fresh air. If you love an adventure and you love a challenge, you may get it in your head to plan an expedition. The first thing you need to do when it comes to planning an adventure, is to get some research done as to the type of adventure you want to have. For some, an adventure means planning a trek around the globe, tasting and trying different cultures and indulging in different beaches. For others, an adventure means pushing the body to the limit and pushing your own boundaries.

Adventure means different things for different people, but having an adventure could be far easier than you imagine. Whether you’ve seen a documentary about scaling Mount Everest, watched Bear Grylls chow down on something disgusting in the jungle or you simply love the idea of planning a couple of weeks of sheer adrenaline, there’s something for everyone. You want to make your story of adventure an interesting one, and when you’re researching the adventure you want to have, you need to look at your budget, your limits and whether you want to make it a walking, cycling or flying adventure. So, what adventures could you have that are simple, easy on the wallet and yet still give you that feeling of achievement? We’ve put together some of the best ideas that don’t require SAS training, thousands of dollars and risking life in temperatures so far below freezing that your eyelashes fall out.

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Everyday Adventures. These are the adventures that simply require you to change your routine. If you’re stuck in a rut eating the same foods every day, then it’s time to change and sample sushi, or street food from the vendor that always smells so good. When you’re tired of the traffic of your commute, get up early and walk it even if it’s miles away. This type of adventure is one that can change your everyday outlook.

Micro Adventures. These are the adventures that step up a little. Going to the nearest mountain in your country and biking up the side of it can provide you with an adrenaline rush like nothing else. Invest in the best bike, equipment and MTB insurance so that you can ensure that you have an adventure but a safe one nonetheless. Enter a biking race, swim across a river and turn it into a triathlon that can give you a sense of adventure!

Grand Adventures. Okay, so we mentioned about life-risking adventures to make your eyelashes freeze off, well, these could be it. Saving up for a proper expedition can cost you more money, but it can give you a real sense of achievement and fun. Check out this list of expeditions that you could do and their costs, and plan your next big adventure now.


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