HOW IS IT ALMOST APRIL!? I find myself screaming while running around the house trying to find
spring‘ appropriate clothing that’s also suitable for winter, summer, and autumn because, let’s face it,
London has a touch of every season in just one day. As the transition begins and I find myself crawling
to the back of my wardrobe for want of finding SOMETHING  to freaking wear, I realised I was dressing
for convenience and not confidence. Too scared to wear old clothes, ones I figured I must’ve had some balls
to think I could pull off, something I vowed never to do. So, with this epiphany, I went about spring
cleaning my wardrobe (throwing things over my shoulder that I no longer a) liked, or b) could fit into),
(there were a lot of b’s).

After exhausting myself (and having a snack), I headed down to the Richard Serra installment at the
Gagosian Gallery to test out my new dressing-with-confidence-but-also-suitably-for-spring skills.
While admiring Serra’s design leading sculptures I came across a quote of his: “I think different people
have different problems and different reactions to the exhibitions of their work”. It got me thinking of
how the same concept applies to pretty much everything. For example, we all have different problem
areas we may dress to ‘cover up’ or different issues in our personal life we strive to fix; these different
problems in each aspect of life effectively shapes who we are. That’s what makes each of us fascinating,
beautiful and unique… difference.


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