Double Life

Photography Jamie Adams, in collaboration with Mr. Porter


 Versatility, apparently, is vital

Last weekend, we attended a beautiful family wedding in Ashingdon, there were so many of us we
even spilled out onto the church’s courtyard while the wedding was in process. After we’d thrown our
confetti, cheered, then endured tireless photographer demands (I’m in no position to criticise, I’m usually
the blogger barking his orders) we head over to the evening venue. It is here that the story began as I
skilfully swerved the “so what do you do now?” question for as long as my sanity allowed before I surrendered
to the painful explanation of what a blogger is and, with that, my many, many jobs.

As I found myself explaining that, contrary to popular belief, yes it is a real job and yes you do make
money from it and yes I also do the photography, graphic design, marketing, writing, styling, social media,
outreach, emails, meetings, appointments, travel and… god ‘where do I find the time!’ (I could go on until
my ears produce steam), I realised that we should almost be considered superhero’s – because versatility,
apparently, is a superpower. I think ultimately the ones who were polite enough to endure my ramblings,
resumed to believing that I lead a bit of a double (maybe even triple) life.

With this said, unfortunately there isn’t a given uniform that you collect when joining the ‘bloggersphere’,
and with so many vocations to fill, finding that universal cloak you can wear to all, is difficult (unless M&S
loungewear counts?). Subsequently this means relying on versatile, adaptable pieces that minimise my
anxiety of having to traverse from meetings to lunches to down-time. In this collaboration with Mr. Porter, I
decided to impart some wisdom on how to live this double life quite comfortably with the perfect versatile coat
or jacket.


Jacket A.P.C, shirt Jill Sander, trousers AMI, all via Mr. Porter.



Jacket A.P.C via Mr. Porter, sweater Uniqlo,
jeans Levi



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