Forever Young

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22


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Top – COS, trousers – Reiss, bag – Céline

It’s that time of the year again, the day I both anticipate and dread in equal measure, the day that I’m destined to eat my weight in cake and the day that I immigrate over into the next age bracket on doctors forms, my birthday! Unfortunately the rumour’s are true, with every year the birthday card arrangement decreases in size, I gain only about 0.23% wisdom and loose about 20% skin elasticity (got this covered, though, in my previous post). So maybe I’m being slightly cynical, truth is, it’s something I’m always excited about. It’s your day, you get to be whoever and do whatever you want (plus there’s almost ALWAYS cake). Without want of sounding too philosophical, it’s a time that I like to reflect on the year gone by and be thankful for all that I have achieved. With inveterate digital expression abundant with lack of context and depth, I can only strive for less of the same.

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Once I had finished demolishing some of the most delectable food I’ve had in a while, polished off the cake (crumbs’n’all) and taken in the breathtaking view, I was able to engage in that reflection. This year I learnt that patience really is a virtue, consistency is key and to take time in appreciating small blessings. The habitual belief that age directly affects one’s frankness may not be the only explanation, but my journey of expression develops with every year and my already profound blunt-ness regrettably matures with age too (honestly, I can’t help it). I decided that this post wouldn’t be another visual story, rather a kind of punctuation. A full stop on this year and an ellipses into the next, where opportunity awaits…

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Photography courtesy of The Sky Garden, Darwin Brasserie

“Beautifully solid asymmetry and fluidly profound shrubbery combined beneath a magnificent backdrop”


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