Essential-ist – (noun) one who desires to be surrounded by only essentials.

I apologise in advance for the ensuing sob-story and fitness talk, but it’s a necessary back story, I promise. About 12 weeks ago I started excising daily, cutting out snacks and having a slightly more watchful eye over what I put into my body (I know, who the hell AM I?). It wasn’t about crazily trying to loose weight, I had just gotten too comfortable, too attached to cookies and to a point where I wasn’t feeling healthy. Now I am in better shape than I ever have been and feel lighter both physically and mentally. However, on this journey I have lost quite a bit of weight and now the majority of my clothes don’t fit me anymore (yes, it was incredibly frustrating as I literally didn’t have anything to wear). In a huff, I grabbed my tightest fitting clothes and took a shopping trip. Trudging my way through hoards of shoppers with my sharpened elbows at the sale rack in COS, I realised how important it is to have just the essentials. Those pieces that stick with you through thick and thin (pardon the pun), season to season and through the bipolar ups and downs of London weather. That’s when I decided to team up with a brand that literally make just the essentials.

Hunter is a British heritage brand with a rich history of innovation and is renowned for its iconic Original boot. Established in 1856, the brand is worn by those who lead, forging designs to shield pioneers from the elements and the bleakest of landscapes. So I thought who better to team up with for some essential-ist foraging. Not only does it equate to an easy life, but it cuts the time spent thinking ‘does-this-look-okay-with-those-trousers-maybe-I-should-change-my-top-or-maybe-I-should-change-the-shoes-oh-my-god-I-need-to-leave-5-minutes-ago’ in half! Hunter – I salute you, from the Original boot that’s truly practical AND stylish (when does that happen!?) to their breathable and waterproof cotton jackets. Hunter provide cutting edge, stylish and quality essentials, enough to make this essential-ist jump for joy!


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