Iceland 1


Iceland 2

Geysir Strokkur

Iceland 3

Geysir Strokkur

Iceland 4

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

Iceland 5

Iceland 6

Gulfoss Waterfall

Iceland 7

Tectonic Plate Split – Þingvellir

Coat – Woolrich

Hat – FurBobble Shop

Jumper – Mandkhai

Straight Joggers – M&S

Boots – Soviet

Bag – Céline

So, this isn’t my usual ‘ootd’ post! As you already know (if you’ve seen my previous posts) we recently returned from a weeks trip to Iceland. It literally was the best trip my partner and I have been on, it was such a unique, refreshing, and open experience we just didn’t want to come home!

Our first day we found the cutest coffee/book shop that had pretty fairy lights in the windows and sheepskin rugs over the chairs, we also fell upon a super cool art exhibition across the road, in the evening we went on the ‘hunt for the Northern Lights’. It’s called a hunt for a good reason, because that’s truly what it is. You really have to be in the right place at the right time and be super lucky to see the northern lights activity in the sky. Unfortunately we were unsuccessful as it was too cloudy when we went *sad face*. However, being in the middle of no where, next to the sea in -10 degree weather for an hour and a half staring at the sky was an experience in itself!

Our second day we had an amazing tour to the Geysir Strokkur, Gulfoss waterfull and Þingvellir national park. There is only one active geysir left in Iceland and we were fortunate enough to see it erupt a few times (while sliding like Bambi along the ice). Iceland as a country is super flat, so everything feels so open and welcoming. The Gulfoss waterfull was phenomenal, you can usually walk behind the waters spray but due to the winter season the steps were frozen (literally). The national park was such a cool experience, its right in the middle of a break in the tectonic plates of USA and Europe, so one second we were technically on US soil then the next we were in Europe.

Blue Lagoon was one of the most surreal sensations I’ve ever had, it was snowing heavily while we were almost naked in 45 degree water with blustering wind causing our ears to numb. It really was out of this world though, the huge contrast from outside the water to inside, was strangely relaxing. We upgraded our package so we were entitled to an exfoliating cleansing mask taken from the actual lagoon we were swimming in, followed by a moisturising algae mask.

On our penultimate day we went on a super long tour all around Iceland, we were picked up at 8am and didn’t return to the city until 7.30pm so it was a tiring day. We had perfect weather all day and travelled firstly to the Seljalandsfoss waterfall where the sun was out so it created a beautiful and complete rainbow from one side of the water to the other. Then to the Skógafoss waterfall, then to the cutest little town called Vík where we stopped for lunch by the sea, we then went to Black Beach where you can clearly see the most famous troll rock formation in Iceland (more on trolls later), then we stopped at the infamous Eyjafjallajökull volcano that erupted in 2010 causing the ash (and more air traffic issues that 911), and finally (my favourite part) we took a walk up a huge mountain to come upon a glacier. It was literally pure ice all the way up so we were slipping and sliding quite a bit, but of course, we got the shot!

Before I let you guys go, I want to impart some really interesting knowledge we learned on our trip. Iceland is actually sitting on a pocket of hot thermal spring air which keeps it afloat, so without it, Iceland would be 4km below sea level! Also, all the residents there GENUINELY believe in trolls! They have a government appointed ‘troll whisperer’ who informs construction companies and planning permission whether or not business can build on certain areas. They believe the many, many rock formations around Iceland are trolls homes, schools and churches. I swear I’m not kidding you guys. They also believe, that the tall rocks and big randomly placed rocks is what happens to trolls when they don’t make it home before sunrise!

So, I know I’ve talked you all to death but I’ll give you a little detail about my outfits pictured. It was so cold my face hurt most of the time so I make no apologies for looking like a sack of potatoes in my baggy trousers and oversized jumpers! I mostly wore my go-to 100% cashmere jumper from Mandkhai with some straight leg joggers from good ‘ol M&S. My coat is from Woolrich and the warmest thing in the world with 40/50 duck and goose down feather, combined with my fur bobble hat and Soviet walking boots I was set to face the elements!

I hope you guys have enjoyed seeing some (ok, LOADS) of my Iceland pics with a little bit (ok, TONNES) of information on what we learned and experienced during our time there because I really had the best time. This week I’ve received a few gifts from some cool brands while I was away so stay tuned for a reveal and outfit post! In 3 weeks we are off to Paris for our 4 year anniversary so keep up to date with me via Instagram and Twitter (linked) or snapchat (Mitchwebb25).

Iceland 8

Blue Lagoon

Iceland 9

Iceland 10


Iceland 11

Iceland 12

Iceland 13

Art Musuem Hafrarhús

Iceland 14

Iceland 15

Iceland 16

Iceland 17

Iceland 18

Black Beach

Iceland 19


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