The M.R Way

Something that always excites me when coming across a new designer, is when they really know themselves and their customer. Like, really know. I truly find there’s nothing more inspirational then when you come across a brand that have a strong identity and are confidently targeting the right people, in the right way. That’s why I jumped at the chance of collaborating with a brand that does just that – Maximilian Robinson. Named after their founder, Maximilian Robinson is bending the perception of traditional menswear by combining new silhouettes in luxury fabrics with rooted street aesthetics. They are unfailing in their ability to create not just another brand, but a lifestyle, a sub-culture. They holistically represent a shift in the direction of menswear, their capacity to stimulate a new direction is inspiring and oozes confidence with class. Quite frankly, I’m pretty damn excited about it.

Shop the M.R way here.


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