Motions of Summertime

Creative Direction & Photography – MITCHELL WEBB & The Fashion Webb Team, In collaboration with – GROUPOTEL

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Is this how one, ‘Summers‘?

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Sunshine? Check. Luggage (that’s substantially over 20kg)? Check. Scattered hours spent attempting to compile some sort of plan? Check. These are, what I call, the summertime ABC’s. They’re part of the habitual process us Londoners engage in before venturing out (in Birkenstocks, no less) from our front doors. There’s something perplexing about city life, we’re promised freedom but are repeatedly faced with reproach for something as simple as walking against the grain in stations. Even as a seasoned commuter, I often find myself as the salmon of the bunch. Fatigued with this lifestyle, it takes a certain courageousness to throw your briefcase into the back of the wardrobe, pack a bag and just escape.

I, however, unfortunately do not posses this particular aptitude. My own escape needs to be nurtured and encouraged over painstaking weeks of slow but sure self-assurance that I won’t turn to dust in the sun (am I maybe a wizard?). The motions of summertime is all about discovering an enabler, whether it’s physical or mental. Mine was Groupotel, who seriously know how to ‘summer’, and make the whole thing entirely effortless (because being perpetually lazy is always my goal). Allowing you to be swept along in the experience, squeezing out every last drop.

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Shirt – M&S AUTOGRAPH, Shorts – PREVÚ

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The hotel leaves nothing to figure out, a sanctuary for the simple life lovers. Our suites were treated to a terrace larger than my bedroom at home (and probably the rest of the house too), beautiful sea views and spa & wellness facilities. One of the most prominent aspects was the convenience of everything, leaving no room for thought. I felt it my responsibility to be creative (or incessantly lazy) in spending the same 24 hours a day that are usually deconstructed in what feels like 2x the same speed at home.

Whether it be an early breakfast overlooking the sea, followed by a mid-morning massage from which you trundle down to the white sandy beach and spend the day in a half-sleep? Or a day spent exploring the previous city capital with its authentic Spanish streets, cuisine and trinkets handcrafted by the locals? You’re on mediterranean time, the luxury of convenience forces you into a slower pace and the only command you need to follow is your own fancy.

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Top – M&S DAVID GANDY, Linen Culottes – M&S COLLECTION


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