Made in Detroit

There is almost nothing more altogether liberating and terrifying at the same time, as a blank canvas. Something that altruistically yields to the creator but carries a
hint of judgement in its off-white hue, causing the magnitude of ‘blocks’ that we ‘creators’ experience so often: writers block, designers block, the list goes on. Taken
into thought, this concept can be applied to almost any reference. A clean white shirt will always find a way of attracting orange spaghetti sauce spots (just me?), the
same goes for cream carpet and red wine or a white car and muddy puddles. I suppose the tenuous nature of a blank canvas also owes to its beauty.

An immense black canvas is exactly what Shinola were welcomed (and warned) with when they arrived in Detroit, Michigan. They were casting against the tide of
opinion that washed over manufacturing being kept in America, leaving no source of inspiration or guidance. Society and businesses had resolved to accept that
manufacturing was gone from America, and had embraced the era of disposability. Shinola, however, worked not to find answers, but to build them.

They subsequently transformed 30,000 square feet of raw space into a state-of-the-art watch factory inside the College for Creative Studies within the historic
Argonaut building. Their production combines “meticulous hand-assembly with the most advanced technology available” to ensure their watches are adorned
with beauty, functionality and quality.

Their emphasis on and investment in skill, at scale, is just one of the aspects that makes the brand so alluring. Their passion to firmly root themselves in the
industry of creating a community that will thrive through excellence of craft and pride of work is contagious. They epitomise American luxury through American

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Images from inside the Shinola factory in Detroit


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  1. Terence Webb
    16/08/2017 / 9:42 AM

    Love it, well done xxx

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