Short Break Style


Photography assistance Jamie Adams, in collaboration with MATCHESFASHION.COM


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It’s not often that you jump in a car, drive onto a train for 35 minutes, arrive in another country, then drive to
the next. Well, this weekend we did just that! Because we worship indolence, admire loafing and aspire to hermits
around here, I’d like to state for the record, that short breaks are possibly THE best thing since denim (at least for
me, anyway). This got me thinking on how to nail short break style, so I can fully immerse myself in the experience,
rather than worrying about whether those guys in the bar are staring at my floral Gucci brogues. Not only is it
absurdly convenient, it’s tantalising to be able to travel for such a small time yet feel so far away from home. I’m
almost certain I’ve mastered packing under compulsion while proudly having never lost a sock. Throw all of
this into the mix and I’m waking up in Brugge (albeit in the back of our Mercedes) with all of my organs (and
self-esteem) in tact.

Our trip to Brugge also inspired me to be braver with my style, I ultimately determined that the point is to leave
you at home, even if home is only 3 or so hours away. Being braver with your style when away from home is easy,
throw aside your ‘comfort blanket’ and celebrate the embroidered, striped and floral. The key is to pack the the
pieces that you occasionally pluck up the courage to wear but swap out at the last minute, or decide it doesn’t have
a place in the intricate puzzle that is packing for a 23kg allowance for a trip somewhere hot (us Brits don’t do ‘hot‘ well).
My phobia is usually colour, and I found a happy-medium with the featured pieces from MATCHESFASHION.COM,
pops of colour, subtle androgynous design details and luxury fabrics placed me contentedly somewhere in-between
terror and confidence. If you’re going to be waking up in a different city, seize the opportunity to have fun with
your style and try something braver, heck, even adopt a new accent! (Honestly, role-play is SO underrated).

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