Spend Wisely

Look I get it, January is never going to be an easy month to endure even for the most positive and stylish amongst us. We can all feel a little drab and some often January ios a time where we like to cocoon ourselves into our own little worlds at home and wait it out. But, it doesn’t need to be this way, after all, there are some amazing clothing offers and investment pieces up for grabs thanks to the discount sales that take place this month. SoI thought it would be an ideal time to share with you some of the things you can do to ensure that you spend wisely while updating your wardrobe for the rest of the winter season ahead.


Be wise with what you want and need

It is easy to be bombarded with all of the options available to you at this time of you. That coat you have lusted after for a while, that suit that you know will just fit you like a glove, but being overwhelmed can lead to panic buying or excessive purchases. So instead be wise with what you want and need and prepare before you start your shopping extravaganza. Look in your wardrobe, see what you have and make a list of what would be great additions, what needs replacing and what would work with your current style and looks. The added prep will enable you to make better choices when faced with all of the wonder around you.


Make sure you have enough money around you to do it

It is so easy to be tempted to buy everything, but could this be putting you in a worse financial situation when february comes rolling round? Instead, try and improve your situation and increase your disposable income to spend by addressing your current financial situation. Look into debt payments and consider talking to debt consolidation companies. Reduce your outgoings by changing providers for thng slike energy and insurance, and cut down on the other luxuries in your life like a TV package or subscription service you have.


Avoid the shops and use online stores

If you really want to make more informed choices then the best advice is to avoid the shops entirely and favour doing your shopping online. This enables you to really consider what you are buying and hunt out different options in one go. A great way to make more of the budget you may have allocated to this.


Shop small

Sometimes a great tip is to seek out smaller retailers on platforms like Etsy and Instagram to find some amazing items for drop down prices. Small businesses are really thriving at the moment and giving the high street a run for their money. Plus it helps yourstyle to stand out from the crowd.


Take advantage of others offers

Finally, you may want to take advantage of some of the other offers available to you like discount codes and cashback sites to make more of the money you do have.


I hope that this helps you to spend more wisely this month.


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