Style, Safety & Warmth in the Winter Months

As the nights start to draw in a little, many of us are going through our wardrobes to bring forward all those vital A/W pieces that will serve us well in the coming months. And let’s be honest: while autumn is a pretty good month for looking good, it’s a different kettle of fish when the real cold weather kicks in. The rain, the wind, the snow – and even the danger on the roads – are all good reasons for wrapping up and ignoring style altogether. It doesn’t have to be this way, however, and in today’s post, I’m going to go through a few ideas to keep you looking great during the winter, as well as warm and safe.



Part of the problem with winter is that you have to wrap up warm outside, but as soon as you get to work or to the bar for a drink, the heating is on full blast, and you feel like you are melting. The solution is simple, however – layer up. A heavy overcoat will protect you from extreme winds and rain outside, but it’s actually the layers closest to your skin that are essential for keeping you warm. So, consider copping some thermal vests and long sleeve tees to wear beneath a jumper and/or cardigan and allow your layers to keep you warm. Once you’re inside, it’s easy to pare back a little and remove layers, so you are comfortable in the heat.



Forget about wearing your brand new pair of canvas Converse – the winter is no time for trainers of any kind, and they won’t last five minutes if it snows. So, grab yourself a decent pair of boots. Look at brands like Grenson, Edward Green, and even Doc Martens – if you think you can pull them off. There are also a few things to consider regarding safety; not just warmth. Bear in mind that we often wear dark clothes in the winter, and given that the nights start coming in early, you will be harder to spot for motorists. Why not help them out by wearing a pair of light up wellies in the dark, rainy nights? Once the frost and ice start to drop, make sure your boots have plenty of grip, too. Vibram Arctic Grip soles are incredible, and if you have an old pair of boots that you love, you can always upgrade them at your local shoe repair store.



You can spend a fortune on stylish new gear for the winter, but if your skin is drying, flaky and chapped, you will ruin your look completely. Most of us understand the importance of looking after our skin in the summer, but the winter months can prove just as troublesome. Cover up entirely in extreme cold – including your hands and neck. Invest in a good woolen hat, too – preferably large enough to cover your ears. Finally, a good moisturiser is essential – the moisture in your skin tends to evaporate quickly when it’s cold, and you will produce less natural oil than you do in the summer, which you need to replace.


Stay safe, keep warm, and look great this winter, folks!


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