Summertime ABC’s

A significant aspect I noticed on my second excursion to the Mediterranean island, is that Menorca isn’t your usual  land-and-loaf destination. One
of the uninterrupted archipelago paradise islands, it’s the most unmarked of the bunch you can find for a holiday. There’re no rules, no things one
‘must/mustn’t do’ (like don’t dream of leaving a restaurant without leaving a hefty tip in America). There’s no tourist ‘hot-spot’, no bustling city to
battle with, and unequivocally no reverberating beats resonating from the latest club DJ to hit the ‘strip’ (that word alone makes me cringe). In-fact,
you may find it unsettling at first, you’re on Mediterranean time and the luxury of convenience forces you into a slower pace. One where the only
command you need to follow is your own fancy. All that’s provided on this Balearic dream is in-corrupt nature, authentic locality and abiding Menor
-can hospitality. Throw into this cloudless skies, fresh seafood, an unabridged sea breeze and immaculate beaches, and you’ve got a destination that
will keep you coming back year after year.

The Grupotel Hotels & Resorts understand this well, which was one of many reasons for my return. The
hotel leaves nothing to figure out, a sanctuary for the simple life lover. Our suites were upgraded to feature a terrace larger than my bedroom (and
probably whole house too) at home, alluring sea views and assuagement inducing spa & wellness facilities. One prominent aspect was the convenience
of everything, leaving absolutely no room for thought. I felt it my responsibility to be creative (or incessantly lazy) in spending the same 24 hours in
a day that are usually deconstructed in what feels like 2x the same speed at home. Whether it be an early breakfast overlooking the sea, followed by
a mid-morning massage from which you trundle down to the sea and spend the day in a half-sleep. Or a day spent exploring the previous city capital
with it’s authentic Spanish streets, cuisine and trinkets handcrafted by the locals. It’s a DEAYW-holiday, do entirely as you wish…


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