When I think of superhero’s, I think of Superman with his super-human strength, Wonder Woman with
her laser vision and Batman with… what’s his superpower again? Anyway, I don’t, however, think of me and
my versatility. But, according to recent statistics (asking my mates), versatility apparently IS a superpower.
As we finally progress through the season of cold, blustery winds and icy rain, (just kidding, that’s every season
in the UK), it’s important to find some versatility in your wardrobe to help you sail through comfortably into the
next. There is nothing more unsexy that sweating profusely on the tube because you’re still wearing 4 layers
as we soar into double figure temperatures or being unable to control the shivers due to bringing out the
Hawaiian shirt FAR too early.

The key is to find pieces that can be worn under a jacket when the clouds form or on it’s own when the sun is
out (who am I kidding, when does that happen!?). I’ve finally reached a point in my life where my uncontrollable
shopping habit is actually paying off because the more clothes I’ve got the more versatile options I’ve got!
I’ve learned to harness and nurture this ability into one of my most sufficient superpowers, I’m almost as
good at it as I am at binge watching boxsets *wink*. I suppose that’s why I opted for this get-up – a classic
roll neck with some wide leg jeans and a leather jacket. Easy, breezy (lemon squeezy) (sorry, I couldn’t not)
and no thought involved. They’re super versatile pieces that can take you blissfully from season to season all,
of course, while looking effortlessly stylish.


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