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Creative Direction – MITCHELL WEBB, Photography – LUCIE WATSON

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Welcome to those awkward weeks between Spring and Summer (wait, what is a…’Summer’?) where the weather is as indecisive as me when asked “so where do you wanna eat?”. While I may feel like spiralling into a mental chaotic meltdown where I throw myself on the floor screaming I DON’T KNOW. I, in turn, reply with a controlled, easy, breezy “ummI don’t mind” (when in fact, I REALLY do mind). I’m also immediately elated once crossing the threshold of pretty much any food establishment (you think I’m kidding?), so I can almost empathise with the split-personality weather. Actually, who am I kidding, I want to throw up and shake my fist at the sky while letting out a gritty “whyyyyy”. 

The thing about being your own boss is that it’s fine to crawl around the house all day while looking like some kind of hobo ‘creative’ (let’s face it, I’m wearing a bat-wing top and cut-up jeans), but when faced with the opportunity (or need) to leave the house, things get a little terrifying. But fear not kids, I’m here to give you tips and tricks in looking hobo, yet put-together. The first step is; don’t think about it too much. Sometimes, by the time you’ve buttoned up your summer linen shirt, the sun that was shining a 10th of a second ago, has been replaced with menacing black cloud (welcome to the UK). With teary eyes and a quivering lip, I put the summer shirt back and wallow in the sadness of having that hope ripped from me (R.I.P linen shirt). So go for items that are care free, the kind of piece that is comfortable and gives worry-free wear.

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Top – TOPMAN, Jeans – UNIQLO (customised), Boots – HUDSON

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The second tip is; find transitional pieces. I don’t mean the ‘break-up’ transition, or the ‘new-job’ transition, I mean the seasonal transition (although London doesn’t seem to transition, it’s kind of just grey all of the time). Find clothes that can handle the Gemini sun and its uglier twin – rain. Items that can take you from one to the other in the simple removal of a jacket (bruce almighty style, of course) or roll up of a sleeve. The key is to not go for clothing too suited to each season, for e.g., a spaghetti strap crop-top is not transitional (or fashionable). It’s skinny arms will not embrace you warmly when those clouds come rolling in. Whereas a light knitted t-shirt, will!

The theory of natural selection also seemingly applies to said scenario, because the last time I checked, my old lady artist outfit is yet to be an international trend. This Topman ‘bat-wing’ t-shirt from their rock’n’roll inspired AAA range makes the transitional period smoother, it takes the wheel and strokes your hair while whispering “it’ll be fine“. Pair it with a DIY skinny-flare pair of jeans, with a slit up the side for the must-have silhouette this season, and you’ve got yourself a lewk (noun: Lʊk) hunny! With that said, Motown here I come.

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