Winter Cityscape


creative direction MITCHELL WEBB, photography
assistance JAMIE ADAMS, in collaboration
with UNIQLO.


Do you dress to face the cold, or embrace it?

Winter in the city; it’s a time of division for Londoners. You’ll either fall sweetly into the category of joyous
gawking at (and Snapchatting of) Christmas lights around the store windows while embracing the cold as balls
weather; or stubbornly refuse to even acknowledge its November, while loudly proclaiming how you’d rather stick
pins in your eyes than listen to Mariah Carey telling you all she wants for Christmas (is yooooooou). Like the
annual festive bringing together of waring relatives, the one thing that these two colliding groups have
in common is the necessity for practical winter-wear, especially roaming around these concrete streets.

Back in October 2015, UNIQLO and Lemaire came together to offer timeless elegance to everyday essentials
which were made of the most carefully selected materials, curated to embody the foundation of stylish,
design-led, functional wear (the stuff dreams are made of). The collection brought a sense of refined yet
friendly confidence to pieces that were intended to be worn every day and on any occasion. Representing
an elevation of LifeWear, with style which fully respected the individual.


If you know me by now, you’ll of endured a paragraph or two on my fixation with looking stylish, being an
appropriate temperature (because I’m always cold. “Cold hands, warm heart” as Mum says) and wearing
pieces that are versatile in every sense of the word. It honestly makes life SO much easier when you’re a manic
creative who can’t even spell relaxation (or is it relaxa-shun?). So while we still can just about accomplish a day
without the arctic tundra ‘get-up’, buy these pieces from UNIQLO, embrace the cold and do London.



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