Viennese Whirl

Vienna. A city I’ve always wanted to visit, allured by its history and claim to being to birth place of the worlds first psycho-analyst,
the late and great Sigmund Freud (and pretzels too, if I’m honest). This year my best friend and I took a trip to Austria’s biggest city
and I was not disappointed. The unmatched atmosphere of acceptance of the Viennese was heart-warming. No judgmental glances
shot towards expressive individuals from straight-laced Londoners too afraid to step outside the box like I witness all too much at
home. (Even the green people hold hands and love each other – way to go, Austria). Vienna has the charm of an ancient city but the
exuberance of modern Austria, the discernible difference from London was it’s lack of ‘hustle and bustle’, the locals are just…being.

We spent our days wondering the streets of Stephansplatz, exploring the Museumsquartier (a cultural dream) and enjoying Wiener
Schnitzel at any opportunity (you’ve just got to try it, then you’ll know). The Sigmund Freud museum, hosted in his actual apartment since
1971 with the original waiting room untouched, was the highlight of the trip for me. It was the most authentic experience I’ve had with
regard to history. The dancers of Swan Lake at the Vienna State Opera possessed talent most can only dream of and the architecture
of the infamous Hundertwasserhaus was even more iconic in person.


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  1. Terence Webb
    21/07/2017 / 1:31 PM

    Well done. Nicely written xxx👍

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