Your Extended Appearance

The majority of us do everything we can to perfect both our images and our outfits. It’s the best chance we have of expressing ourselves, and also feeling comfortable in our own skin. After all, anyone who says appearances don’t matter is wrong. Appearances do matter in a significant way. Perhaps not in the way we think. But, how we look tells others, and ourselves, a lot about our moods and what we value. So, it does matter what we wear!

In fact, it’s possible that appearance actually goes beyond the clothes we choose in the morning. While these form the primary basis for the face we show to the world, they don’t work alone. And no; we aren’t talking accessories. Other factors, like the vehicle you choose, also have a significant impact here. Though you might not have considered it before, your car plays as large a part in the impressions others form of you.

So, instead of only focusing on how you yourself look before heading out, it might be worth dressing up your car a little, too. Here’s how.

The outfit

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Cars don’t wear cardigans or corduroys. They don’t slip into a nice shirt when they get out of bed in the morning. But, your car does have a body, and it pays to keep that body looking nice. On an obvious level, this means keeping your car clean. You wouldn’t wear dirty clothes, would you? Make sure to clean on a regular basis, or after particularly muddy drives. It might also pay to invest in waxes and polish, like the ones found at CTI Supply. Visit them to find out more, or do some research of your own. Once you’ve found products which work, don’t hesitate to get into a regular routine with this. Wax your car the way you would your hair!

The accessories

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You look great with a bag on your arm or a watch on your wrist. And, your car can look amazing with accessories, too. Of course, which ones work depends on your personal tastes. Personalised number plates can have a fantastic impact if you don’t mind showing off a little. If you want to keep things subtle, stick to personalised seat covers, or even a little something to dangle on your dash. Look around to see what you can find, then don’t hesitate to incorporate your choices.

The grooming

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To ensure we stay looking our best, most of us indulge in a little grooming now and again. We get a haircut every few months or have a massage to ease the tension. Your car deserves this treatment every now and again, too. How else can you rest easy that it’ll stay running smoothly? For the most part, grooming your car means nothing more than general maintenance jobs you should do already. Checking the tires, for example, and replacing your wiper blades. And, of course, regular checks at the garage are also a must. It’s like the vehicle version of a spa!


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